Laura McNeice, Dipl. Tech. OHS, CRSPHealth and Safety Specialist ~ 604.220.2710 ~


Regulatory Compliance and/or Best Industry Practice Audits tailored to your organizations jurisdiction including international regulatory standards.

We can systematically identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organizations OHS system through our professional auditing services. We can tailor audits to your regulatory jurisdiction and identify non-compliances and opportunities for improvement. Audits may be strictly compliance based or can include industry best practice guidelines. 

Clear, detailed final audit reports include:

  1. A description of the element evaluated with reference to the regulatory standard or best practice guideline;
  2. Details of the verification method used to evaluate the criteria;
  3. A score for each criteria and an overall score for each element to assist with prioritization of recommendations;
  4. Specific, prioritized recommendations for corrective actions for any deficiencies identified;
  5. List of safety documentation and records required. 

Oneeva will be there to assist with implementation of audit recommendations.