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Health and Safety Programs 


The corner stone of your organizations OHS management system is the corporate OHS Program. Our Corporate OHS Program will become an actively functioning system within your organization, not just a book on the shelf. 

Oneeva will develop a comprehensive, tailored OHS System including: 

  1. Setting corporate OHS Goals;
  2. Developing health, safety and environmental related policies;
  3. Emergency preparedness, response and contingency plans;
  4. Operational procedures including multi-level OH&S responsibilities.
  5. Checklists, procedures, plans, forms, reports and records to ensure an effective OHS program and your due diligence defense.
  6. Internal auditing tools to identify OHS compliance deficiencies (with regulations and internal policies, rules, procedures) and to implement corrective actions.

Oneeva will assist with OHS program implementation, monitoring and continual improvement (inspections and internal auditing). 

Worksite Specific

Worksite specific health and safety program meeting minimum regulatory requirements including:

  1. Health, Safety and Environmental Policy;
  2. Project Hazard Assessment and Control Matrix;
  3. Notification of Project to applicable regulatory authority;
  4. First aid assessment and emergency response plans;
  5. Worksite specific orientation (including new and young worker orientation);
  6. Documentation and record keeping;
  7. Postings and signage;
  8. Written OHS program (electronic and physical copy)

Oneeva will provide site management and supervisor Worksite OHS Program orientation and training.